Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It happens once again--Same old whores in a new brothel

When people voted for change congress government replaced the BJP Government. BJP government changed the congress government . The New chief Minister changed his Principal Secretary.That is the end of the story. Here after the process of change came to standstill. Under him everything remains the same. Same old officers, sweepers,assistants, stenos,typist etc etc , who continue swindling using their so called proximity to the “big boss”. When it comes to bureaucracy people can’t expect  anything else than the same old rottenness. The party is new. The ministers are new. But PA’s are the same. The Government is new, Ministers are new. You enter their office. You see the same old stinking faces. If you are rich & powerful then you get their smile, if you are poor you get their boot!  It is like finding same old whores in a new brothel!.
The top bureaucrats  finds themselves incompetent without some “so called experienced Hands”.  I do not know what is their definition of experienced staff. One don’t need special expertise to take dictations or to do  typing or making program charts.
Some officers in the secretariats take few PA’s with them to which ever department they  go. Some officers go alone and depend on the existing PA’s and allow them to run the show(like DPAR). Either way they show show their unwillingness to bring total change. They cannot take responsibility of bringing in change. They just want to hang on. Sri Vidyashankar is probably the only man who brought  total change in his establishment when he moved to C&I department.
They use these establishments to insulate themselves from public. PA’s make people inaccessible  to their boss  and vice versa. If the boss is soft they PA’s decide who should see the Boss.   By insulating the Boss PA’s becomes the boss themselves. Being a PA of Principal Secretary or Minister help you to hijack the authority of the Boss. The longer you stay the stonger you grow. In Vidhana soudha the situation has worsened to such an extent  that even a officer of the rank of Principal secretary or CEO of a top Company can’t get the audition of the chief secretary unless they allow their ass to be licked by his OSD who is waiting outside the door!. “Building contact” is the main occupations of these misseleneous PA’s who sneak into secretariat from different  department.
These IAS  bas.@$% are gutless to kickout old longstanding staff and to bring in New staff. It is not them who directs the establishment but it is the establishment who directs  the Minister/Officer. “A clear case of tail wagging the dog.
The inability of the IAS officers to manage themselves keeps sending the ripples of incompetency in the rank and files of workforce which eventually results in poor performance. Their incompetency add extra pressure on the officials who work in the lower rung of service delivery chain. The fact that the are in the receiving end make their life miserable.

This is the state of affair. Their  was mining Mafia where hundered of government servants made lot of money and there were many more scams in past few years. I wonder if the state executive has got any head. If there was, then if he had anything inside his head?

Karnataka Journal of Pulic Administartion  ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಆಡಳಿತ ದರ್ಪಣ 

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