Monday, July 8, 2013

Andhra Pradesh Secretariat staff high on alcohol,reports Deccan Chronicle , what about karnataka secretariat employees?

Andhra Pradesh Secretariat staff high on alcohol

DC | Kaniza Garari | 17th Apr 2013

Hyderabad: A health check-up conducted at the Secretariat revealed that a majority of the employees suffered from alcoholism, cardiac problems and diabetes. The two-day session included primary tests for cardiac, orthopaedic- and diabetes- related problems.
Of the total  3,400 employees working in the Secretariat, 924 underwent check-ups, of which 90 per cent were men. Seventy per cent of the employees, it was found, were alcoholics and 20 per cent required serious medical intervention in terms of de-addiction centres.
Stress and work pressure were said to be the reasons for drinking on a daily basis before going home. One of the employees was infuriated when he was asked to go to a de-addiction centre.
“Before we could write the remarks, he snatched the file and went away,” said the doctor conducting the examination. In another case, a person  willing to give up alcohol, said it was difficult because  colleagues offered free drinks.
Employees not willing to share alcohol issues
Some employees at a health check-up conducted at the Secretariat requested for a private session as they were not willing to disclose their alcohol related problems or addiction experiences in the presence of others. 
The two-day session revealed severe cardiac problems in ten cases who were non-alcoholic. “Preliminary tests show-ed  severe problem with the functioning of the heart. It could be blockage, heart muscle degeneration or malfunctioning of the valves. A detailed investigation was immediately required,” explained Venugopal D. supervising the check-ups.
While most employees were aware about diabetes and carried out regular check-ups, their fitness levels were a cause of concern as most of them led a sedentary lifestyle and time for exercise was not a priority. 
The two-day  health check-up for the welfare of employees was an initiative of  the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Employee Association. 

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