Monday, October 26, 2009

Paying more for that chota peg

Not only Mysore, liquor vendors charge higher than the MRP.
This explains how the raskals running this govt makes money.I guess Paniya Nigama is sleeping. That is the reason why Siddaramaiah called this govt as "raskal government". Take a look at this article.

Courtecy:Bangalore mirror Dt:25/10/2009

Nagaraja Dixit
Posted On Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 08:53:10 PM
Wine shops in Mysore are fleecing customers by selling liquor way above the maximum retail price. One quarter bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, which has a maximum retail price of Rs 148, is being sold for Rs 175. A full bottle of Golconda Wine costs you Rs 125, when its MRP is below Rs 100.A regular customer told Bangalore Mirror on the condition of anonymity that wine shop owners defend the hike saying prices were hiked long ago but the MRP printed on the bottles was the old rate. Some customers have even been threatened by muscle men for questioning the price hike. Some shops make the absurd claim that prices have shot up due to floods in North Karnataka!Dr Manjunath, deputy commissioner of excise, Mysore, says, there have been some complaints in this regard and his officers are conducting raids and registering cases. He says, “We will definitely take stringent action if anybody gives a written complaint along with the receipt.” But the problem is, none of the wine shops are issuing receipts. C V Nagaraj of Mysore Grahaka Parishth says, “No product can be sold higher than the MRP. It is against the law. It is high time consumers protest against such exploitation.”Wine shops also flout rules against consumption of liquor in the shop itself. Most shops have a separate enclosure behind the counter to allow their customers to consume liquor.

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