Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Regulate the P H S

Most of the Bangaloreans must have noticed the Name P H S written on the boards of KSRTC buses. PHS means Peak Hour Service. These services are meant to carry govt employees to their places of work. These Busses start from various locations to places like Vidhanasoudha, AG's office and GPO.
If you are passing by Vidhanasoudha in the evening,you can see ladies sitting in PHS buses parked along the road. These PHS buses are meant to carry employees after office hours. But most of employees are sitting in these buses by 5-15PM,much before the end the office hours.
There are many office premises located in Vidhanasoudha area. There are three buildings i e vidhana soudha,Vikasa soudha,Multi storied building.vishveshwariah towers,Directorate of Agriculture, Educations, COD office, High court etc. It takes nearly 15 minutes for many employees working in thse different buildings to walk up to these buses. That means the employees who are in those buses have left their office by 5 o clock or they are from the offices which are nearer to bus stop. Whatever the case the PHS leave the premises by 5-35 PM. (Or the employees force the drivers to start the bus early).The honest worker who sits in his office for few more minute can not catch these buses.

While going in front of Lokayukta office at 5-20 pm , I saw few ladies sitting in PHS . they were holding their noses.They are cursing the govt for the open drain which is next to State govt employees assosiation. Insted of cursing the govt,these bitches could have sat a few more minutes in their office!. The drain only symbolises the sorry state of affairs of the govt.They run away from office so early in order to catch seats.

The state govt says it has mechanism in place to impart discipline among employees.They say DPAR(AR) moniter employee attendence and conduct surprise checks to various offices.they have installed smart card identifiers as well as biometrics.But still the govt cannot do anything about inefficient earlybirds. Inspite of all these technology,these idiots visit offices in the early hours and carry away the atendence registrars. They do not know how to make use of technology.Then what is the use of installing Biometrix in Vidhanasoudha? To get commission from the suppliers?.
The Lokayukta talks so much about stoping corruption in Karnataka.
Many of these PHS buses stands right infront of the Lokayukta office. Cant he see how the govt employees steal govt time by leaving the office earlier than the scheduled time?.

But the high court authorities have done much better without investing in all fancy gadgets.They have issued strict instruction to KSRTC buses not to leave the stop before the specified time.This shows the sorry state of "Indian administrative service".
Judiciary trimphs where they fail miserably.
Managing people is not about making rules but handling people tactically.though the govt control the KSRTC it cannot direct it to do the needfull. Yet they talk about strict actions...

Recent developments (as on Oct 09)
The secretary of Transport department Mr.Shankaralinge Gowda has as written a Demi official letter( No. Sa Ri E 127 RIC 2008 Dtd:22-09-2009) to Mr S J Pasha, M D of BMTC and Gaurav Gupta , M.D of KSRTC to take corrective actions. But No action has been taken even after one month .The DO letter may have gone into the dustbin.

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  1. Hi, its nice that you wrote about this.
    I am trying to catch this PHS to Ramanjaneyanagar (no:KA-1,1177) but it always leaves at 5:30 sharp. it is so disgusting. I feel sorry for the Transport Secretary who is unable to discipline the PHS.