Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Canteen in India.

Vidhanasoudha canteen is one of the best canteens in the world. The genius of its builder is evident in it. The State administration has taken special care in providing state-of-the-art canteen facilities to its employees. There are nearly 500 employees working in the building (vidhanasoudha), in an average one thousand people visit this canteen every day.

The sitting arrangement provided is astonishing and it reflects the ruling partys principle of athithi Devobhava.

I think it is very important to mention the Vidhana soudha canteen especially in the time when the threat of H1N1 looming large over Karnataka. The Standards fallowed in the Canteen of Karnataka Government secretariat is worth emulating by other hotels in Karnataka. The way in which this canteen is managed reflects the attitude of Government towards its workers. The low standards in which the canteens of other public sector companies like BHEL, BEML and even INFOSYS are being run is in sharp contrast with the Hygienic standards adopted in Vidhana soudha canteen.One should learn lesson from the way in which hot water is provided to the needy.
vidhan soudha canteen is the reflection of genius of secretaries who heads various dept.It show their concern toward the people of the state who are visiting Vidhanasoudha. Here all rules regarding Labour, Hygiene,food safety etc are strictly fallowed. since it exist under the very nose of rule makers and top executives it cannot break any rules.

So next time when you visit Vidhana soudha do not fail to see its canteen and do not return without learning few lesson on catering.

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