Friday, February 6, 2009

Ladies attacked in Mangalore!

The Karnataka police have picked up 17 persons in connection with the incident in which a pub was attacked and girls were assaulted allegedly by members of the Shri Rama Sena on Jan 24th,Saturday evening. The sena members claim that they have done this to save the honour of the "Indian women"and 'Indian culture'.The news that 'Moral police' attacked Ladies at the pub spread like wild fire. Social activists,leaders of opposition parties started giving statements regarding this.
But the real story seems to be different.'Senas' in India are formed on the basic of religion,linguistics or culture.We can broadly divide the 'so called' activist association's as Sanghas and Senas.Major source of Sanghas come from Donations collected peacefully. The source of Senas come from Money "levied" on Traders and industrialists.Sena means Army. These private armies ape the government and impose taxes.Basically they extort money.

If we see the video of Mangalore attack we see the gangs which attacked girls in Mangalore pubs do not show any sign of being 'Moral police". Usually such people issue press releases and threats before such attack. secondly the leadership of the sena which attacked girls in Mangalore has no credible background. I enquired about the leaders of the group.I was told that it is a group formed by a person who has been thrown out by 3 parties.He has many cases filed against him in many police station. That's says it all.

So it seems this group must have gone there(pub)to collect donations. In TV, If we see the body language of these people you can easily make out that they are not fit to represent any culture.They never imagined that there act will invite the attention of whole Nation.When they are caught they hid under the best excuse available. "they were saving the honour of ladies".
Political parties grabbed this occasions to get political milage.They do not talk about real problem,i.e.extortion because the are also involved in collating money in the name of social work.
Unfortunately the real point is being ignored. The Law should come down heavily against rowdies and extortionists.Tomarrow These people may shamelessly walk inside your home with a receipt book and ask you to pay up just because you belong to certain religion. Since all political parties are hand in glove with these gangs, it is for the Judiciary and Bureaucracy to deal appropriately with these gangs.

The Chief Minister of the state told the press that 'he is examining the possibility of imposing Goonda Act on the attackers'.But he was not sure if he can do so. Neither The secretary to The Government.Nor the Principal/Additional/Joint/Deputy/Under Secretary to Government.So they send the file to the clerk.When the clerk come up with a solution,they claim it to be their own. That is how a secretariat works.So many white elephants,so much of money is spent on maintenance.So rowdies rule the roost.The bureaucrats don't know how to rule.They only safeguard their personal interest and shift the responsibility to their juniors. So all the private armies think they can form parallel Government and parallel courts.

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