Saturday, January 10, 2009

Post Office reforms needed.

They make so much of hue and cry about Post office NSC and KVP. But the staff do not mention the maturity Date and amount clearly on it. so lot of people forget to encash it for many months or they just miscalculate maturity amount and period which amount in time waste. These days Post offices sell many things but they do nothing properly. Lack of staff is one thing...But mismanagement is the main thing. There was a stamp exhibition at GPO,Bangalore and news of its inaguration was published in Many news papers. When I went there there was no sign of exhibition and after lot of enquiry we reached Upstair(I cant remember the floor) corner room. One idiot in jeans and T-shirt was dozing there.when we asked about stamps and philetly he started talking about contemporary politics.He was such a bore. Nowonder nobody visited that exibhition.!!!

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