Sunday, December 28, 2008

BMTCs stupid policy

B M T C buses in Bangalore has introduced a new system of Issueing a identity cards for passholder. They will click your photo and print your details and produce a card instantly and it seems they have outsourced this job to a private company.
BMTC sells different kinds of bus passes for different buses like red board, black board, Pushpak etc. The prices of these passes are as on Nov 08 are
Black Board Pass Rs 420/-
Red Board Pass Rs 565/-
Pushpak Pass Rs 600/-
These are monthly charges along with this, one has to carry the above said identity card which carries the validity of 3 years. If you are buying a pass of different amount you have to get a new identity card for which you have to pay Rs 100 more.
It seems a stupid idea. A person’s identity cant change if he gets a pass of different value.
No doubt it brings in more business to the company which manufacture ID cards on behalf of BMTC. But what about the public? A person cant be expected to travel in the same route for 3yrs
By the way who is the idiot who approved this idea.

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