Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ranga’s men’ moved out of chief secretary’s office

(Nothing but petty quarrels between super time scale Typists. Its time our bureaucrats understands the true motives of their ass lickers).If they are changing longstanding people then Why was Sharanappa, Fahimunnisa,Gurumurthy, Chandrashekher, mohan etc are not touched? If Kumar was longstanding, what about Marigowda and Narasimhulu?, Is this resuffle is only limited to CS office? what about the longstanding people in Services section like irrigation, PWD, RD,RDPR etc)

By Niranjan Kaggere, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Nov 8, 2013, 01.00 AM IST

Newly appointed Chief Secretary Kaushik Mukherjee (in pic),has taken a leaf from the politicians' book. Five days after taking charge , he has gone for a total overhaul of the office by transferring senior officers working in the Chief Secretary's office since several years. 

These senior officers, who come with the tag of being former chief secretary S V Ranganath's "loyalists" have been posted to other departments. Search is on for their replacements. Ashok Bhat, who worked as private secretary to Ranganath for years, has been moved out and posted to the home department as additional secretary. Similarly, under secretaries Vishwanath, Upendra Raiker, S S Hiremath, Karenawar and others who held key positions were also transferred to various other departments. 

This has become big news in the power corridors, especially among the senior IAS lot who are whispering that Ranga's men' are out of favour now. "The new CS wants to give a different administration, so he has the right to bring people who can work at his pace. The earlier staff worked to the satisfaction of their boss. There is nothing wrong in it," an additional chief secretary rank officer justified the action. 

Sheikh Mohammad Ali, who was known as 'Ranganath's pen' in the CS officehas been sent home. He and Ranganath were scheduled to retire on April end. But Ranganath who got an extension of six months service decided to employ Sheikh on contract basis and continued him in his office till now. 

On assuming charge as the 31st CS , Mukherjee, an officer of the 1978 IAS batch, had expressed a wish to lend the pace of a "bullet train" to the administration.

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