Friday, August 2, 2013

Central Government may increase retirement age from 60 t0 62

A proposal to increase the  age of government employees from 60 to 62 years came to  yesterday but a decision was deferred. All the while the government has been denying any increase in retirement age of central government employees.Minister for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions  V Narayanaswami had ruled out increase in retirement age to a question in Parliament in the winter session this year. Their were rumours that Mr.Ranganath, Chief Secretary of Karnataka ,who was supposed to retired this April, got himself the extension of six month,(on various pretext) as he had credible information about the increase in retirement age.

The government may make the anouncement in the Prime Minister’s 15 August address, his last before elections in 2014.

The , Public Grievances and Pensions has proposed an increase in retirement age of Government employees from 60 years to 62 years, top sources confirmed.2013-14 is considered an election year because of five assembly elections and general elections in May next year.However this move may boomerang on government as unemployed youth may not welcome this move.ThoughtThere are around 50 lakh central government employees in India they do not have the power to make a difference in any specific constituencies. 
In Karnataka ,the then CM Yedyurappa raised the retirement age of state government employees to 60 yr.However he failed to win over any significant number of votes.

 The move is meant to ease the financial burden on the Government in terms of its pension liabilities, sources said.

The retirement age of professors in all central universities was recently raised to 65 years.

D L Sachdev national secretary of All India Trade Union Congress said that his union was totally against increase of retirement age beyond 60. It will hurt the youth especially when the Government is doing nothing to create jobs for them, Sachdev said. Congress affiliated  Indian National Trade Union Congress national president Sanjeeva Reddy said that his union had been demanding increase in retirement age to 62 years and would welcome it.

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