Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Government Indulge in Fraud to take away pentioners DA!!!

Go to above address.They have uploaded what they claim as the Government order,This is a order which declares dearness allowence to Retaired State Govt employees.This GO declares that govt will deduct the Dearness allowances (DA) of four months from July to October from their salary towards the Flood Relief Fund.
This G.O is not a signed one,nor it is a gazette copy.So it is impossible to prove that it is an authentic copy.They have uploaded all other GOs in both Kannada and English. But this GO is issued only in Kannada..The pentioners has to present these G.Os to bank if they do not want to give their part of pension to Govt. But the GO s uploaded in the website can't be presented in banks because it has no signatures of Govt official,nor they are in english.Still worse,it is in such a font,which resembles Telugu! Pensioners residng in other states can't present them in bank as it is in Kannada.
It is hard to Imagine that a responsible govt can stoop to
such a low level to deprive DearnessAllowence to people who served it for so many years. The people who receive these pensions are old and helpless people. Most of them do not know how much of pension the govt is giving them.They do not know how to calculate the pension amount.Many people who fell victims to floods also found their DA's deducted!,The widows receive only a small percentage of pensions. The Govt wants to steal that money too!
When flood situation took place in Kanataka The CM,Mr.Yediyurappa did padayatra onthe streets of Bangalore asking people to donate generously to his flood relief Fund. But the same"begger"is spending crores on renovating his bedroom!(see the link http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Yeddyurappa-spends-Rs-17-crore-to-redo-home/articleshow/5224576.cms

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